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Creator: jameswnash

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forseti - October 8, 2010, 4:47 am,
there is another tag behind motifake. we don't like that very much... :)
TheTrashHeap - October 8, 2010, 8:48 am,
No tag. Poster was approved by a moderator.
culos - October 8, 2010, 9:07 am,
May I be captain bobvious and point out that it is the tag of an obscure site called DEMOTIVATIONAL? However it might be that the poster was created on their engine but posted here, me thinks however a little cropping should have been done....
GreyScorpion - October 8, 2010, 9:51 am,
Demotivational was "aquired". their poster generator puts their new tag on the left. where this one came from, who knows, but it's old
TheTrashHeap - October 8, 2010, 1:34 pm,
For all intents and purposes the tag is gone. However, If by "acquired" you mean outright stolen in the ancient tradition of retrochcop then Booooo and shame on you James.
GreyScorpion - October 8, 2010, 1:59 pm,
by "aquired", I meant the website-Demotivational- was bought by someone else
jameswnash - October 8, 2010, 2:00 pm,
Stolen? Not at all, I had used De-motivational to create the poster, I use teir engine a lot so I can get more than 3 lines i. Most of the time upon upload, their logo is replaced by moti's, but every once in a while a pic I guess is too large and upon
jameswnash - October 8, 2010, 2:01 pm,
upload, it leaves the DE on the pic. Most of the time I catch it, once in awhile I do not. It is my spin on an old Cosby joke, but mine none the less
jameswnash - October 8, 2010, 2:02 pm,
ah ok lol you posted while i was typing GS lol
TheTrashHeap - October 8, 2010, 9:12 pm,
Ah! Clarity. So really no harm no foul then?
jameswnash - October 10, 2010, 9:14 pm,
No harm no foul sir
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