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It Was Walter Cronkite And This, With Supper & A Beer 1970's

Creator: maoworks2

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vulture - January 19, 2012, 4:55 pm,
I remember seeing this on TV when it was first shown. The jet of blood from this guy's head, when he was sh**, was 6 feet long. A very shocking revelation in those days. We weren't immunised by TV violence back then....
maoworks2 - January 19, 2012, 5:02 pm,
Thanks, That's What I Was Trying To Get At !
Reality Lord - January 19, 2012, 5:27 pm,  
not likely you'lkl ever see images like this again...and i'm not sure it was so much a matter of being immunized from tv violenmce..there were some pretty violent shows on back then. today we have "imbeded journalism." ...censorship of what you see.
Airman - January 19, 2012, 5:59 pm,
and i remember Dan Rather signing off with "Courage". The '68 Democratic convention in Chicago had some real fun footage
maoworks2 - January 19, 2012, 6:09 pm,
Thanks For The Input.
CloudchaserS - January 20, 2012, 1:11 am,
I never will understand why so many people hated him (Nguyen Ngoc Loan) for executing a man who earlier that same day, murdered in cold blood nearly 3 dozen police officers and their families and not the scumbag who committed those murders
nuvious - January 20, 2012, 7:42 am,
Because there was no trial maybe? It doesn't matter how many people he killed, he's an enemy combatant...they're expected to kill during war and you shouldn't just execute them. At the time this was the standard practice, but we've moved on since then.
rodangol - January 22, 2012, 7:26 pm,
it has been awhile, but i think the guy being sh** was not just an enemy, but a traitor
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