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The smallest coffins are the heaviest

Creator: Rick69

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GaryO - August 2, 2014, 9:41 pm,
I must ask, what’s with the tag ref, sir Rick?
Rick69 - August 3, 2014, 5:33 am,
It is a story consisting of 6 words. Hence, 6-word-stories. There are more.
Silverheart - August 3, 2014, 8:03 am,  
Why is Carla tagged? Is she really gone for good?
Rick69 - August 3, 2014, 8:19 am,
Huh, hope that's not the case. Last poster I made was over 3 months ago. Things get in the way of the internet. Regulars always tend to return.
GaryO - August 3, 2014, 9:59 am,
Meant the ‘Miss Carla’ ref. Nice try at evasive ambiguity, though.
Rick69 - August 3, 2014, 10:35 am,
I try...
EmilioDumphque - August 2, 2014, 10:34 pm,
Looks like Thomas Barrow! Is this a spoiler for the next season of Downton Abbey?
Rick69 - August 3, 2014, 5:32 am,
Good eye, it is a screen-grab from that very show... I think. I've never seen the show but the site where I got the picture confirms your thought.
EmilioDumphque - August 3, 2014, 3:59 pm,
Then who the hell could that be? Not Sybie, and probably not Georgie. Ah, maybe Edith's bastard, being raised by the farmer. It's practically a newborn. But Georgie dying would throw the inheritance into doubt again.
Greybeard - August 2, 2014, 10:57 pm,
6 tiny words that say so much. Powerfully sad.
MissPriss - August 4, 2014, 2:00 am,
Kind of here...longer than a 6 word story ...hope to be back soon.
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