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Creator: TheMarinesHaveLanded

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Reality Lord - March 29, 2015, 6:35 pm,  
impressive series marine. we have a military sister site that would probably love to see these submitted there as well. keep'em coming
TheMarinesHaveLanded - March 29, 2015, 7:26 pm,
Haha, everybody keeps calling me a Marine, but I guess it's alright, since I'm joining straight after high school
Reality Lord - March 29, 2015, 8:56 pm,  
most would a**ume so from the name
mizzdizz - March 31, 2015, 2:46 am,
I was right! Way to go, boot! When you finish boot, I'll call you jarhead----its love. Navy/Marines share bases n stuff. You'll figure it out! Good luck, boot!
mizzdizz - March 31, 2015, 2:49 am,
Luuuuuv this!!! This is one of my favorite jokes! I have a collection of different ways this has been interpreted. Adding this 1! 5L
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