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Just needs a little tartar sauce, and maybe a slice of cheese.

Creator: TheTrashHeap

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TheTrashHeap - December 3, 2009, 8:16 pm,
I hate to be the first to comment on my own poster but, Is anybody getting this?
Produceman117 - December 3, 2009, 8:23 pm,
Yeah, it was a TV show wasn't it? It was well before my time, but I remember hearing about Vigoda as Fish.
Sean - December 3, 2009, 8:25 pm,
Barney Miller was an amazing show. Fish was a cool character.
TheTrashHeap - December 3, 2009, 8:25 pm,
before mine too. It was a spin off of barney miller. I just wanted to be a little different with the poster a**ignment. Lame though it may be.
spacedog - December 3, 2009, 8:26 pm,
I'm with ya TTH. Barney Miller had the best opening bass riff, and was a great show.
Sean - December 3, 2009, 8:28 pm,
Ever see the "Fish watches Soylent Green" episode? Fish: "Last night I watched this movie where they made carckers out of old people." Barney: "But Fish, that was just a movie." Fish: "But it made SENSE."
Produceman117 - December 3, 2009, 8:31 pm,
Speak of the devil, Sean, they're remaking Soylent Green. Have you heard?
TheTrashHeap - December 3, 2009, 8:31 pm,
Soylent Green! AMSOME!
WTFO - December 3, 2009, 11:10 pm,
Of course. It's at the White House, Pro. HA!
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