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He is the scourge of all living souls. The eater of not-so-small children. And, worst of all, the killer of threads.

Creator: thatonechick

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thatonechick - January 31, 2010, 10:29 am,
Hell yeah, I 5'd my own poster.
GreyScorpion - January 31, 2010, 10:33 am,
TOC FTW!!! 5 grumpy bastards
thatonechick - January 31, 2010, 10:35 am,
Thank you, kind sir. :D
GreyScorpion - January 31, 2010, 10:48 am,
ohhh, new avatar!! Say Uncle!!
thatonechick - January 31, 2010, 10:50 am,
It's in honor of Adult Swim -maybe-picking up FMA Brotherhood. YAY!!!
MrRandom - January 31, 2010, 11:54 am,
TV? Is that where the shows I watch online come from?
thatonechick - January 31, 2010, 11:56 am,
It's a good show! Even if I've seen it, I'll watch it some more.
Motifake Wit Liberation F - January 31, 2010, 6:35 pm,
Is this in reference to that thread I didn't even get a chance to be on? BECAUSE IT NEVER EXISTED!!!
Bartimaeus - May 20, 2010, 10:07 pm, you even read the posters, or the comments, all. Perhaps you're just pasting a message you don't quite understand. You see, YOU, sir, are the b****.
Faceplant31 - May 20, 2010, 10:15 pm,
Tripper quit tripping. What is it mommy not bring out enough treats for your sausage fest circle party?
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