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EMPEROR CAT - "I find your lack of faith disturbing" demotivational poster

demotivational poster EMPEROR CAT
ax  #18664 Created September 1, 2008



ax - September 1, 2008, 5:03 pm
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BILL O'REILLY - Propaganda's second name demotivational poster

demotivational poster BILL O'REILLY
 #18662 Created September 1, 2008



Neocon H8R - July 6, 2009, 5:31 am
corrupted as everyone else.
Neocon H8R - July 6, 2009, 5:30 am
This guy is a phoney he preaches traditional values but wrote a book for teens in wich he admits to drug use as a teen and settled out of court on a ***ual harrasment suit brought on by a female co worker. neocons act holier than thou they r just as
HAHA - May 10, 2009, 9:29 pm
Briar with that comeback looks like you the mindless moronic "imbeciles. But truth hurts or you would not have gotten upset.
MO - May 10, 2009, 9:06 pm
You really need to re-read and then re-consider calling people morons. A third grader could put together a better paragraph. And spell check won't help....if you have no concept of contex!!
BRIAR - May 10, 2009, 9:00 pm
So that mindless moronic imbeciles like you have something to watch during the day, plus his not exactly crushing everyone in the ratings, i work in television u dont and i can tell u his full of **** all conservatives
HAHA - May 9, 2009, 8:58 am
Yeah must be why he is crushing everybody else in the ratings
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ISLAM WINS OUT - Once in, you'll see who really pulls the strings. demotivational poster

demotivational poster ISLAM WINS OUT
Toussaint  #18654 Created September 1, 2008



guest - June 24, 2009, 11:39 am
f*** you
HAHA - April 20, 2009, 7:12 pm
Sometimes you gotta see it to belive it.
Mr. Shiny - April 14, 2009, 9:48 pm
Not now. Islam pulled the strings during the Bush administration. When 9/11 happened, we retaliated just how Osama knew we would; go to war in the middle east f*** it up because the place was already a powder keg, and never find him. We've done just that.
aerofiend - March 15, 2009, 5:44 pm
I'm kind of surprised that the ph**oshopper didn't take the time to change the badge to Osama, lazy bastard.
spitfire111 - December 9, 2008, 1:11 am
don't insult a black guy whether he is a muslim or not. Just because you are a muslim doesn't mean you are a f***ing terrorist! Be rational.
Amy - November 9, 2008, 2:19 pm
sean i swear-you make the best comments here making me LOL!
anon - November 9, 2008, 10:34 am
The stupidity of rural America at its finest. The person who made this is probably also married to their first cousin and has two extra toes.
Sean - September 17, 2008, 5:59 pm
You can write the word "f***" here ... I won't tell your mom. Promise.
LogicDude - September 17, 2008, 4:00 pm
Sean - So he's a muslim AND he f*cks men too!?
Sean - September 2, 2008, 11:58 pm
A-f***in'-men. Captain.
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ALCOHOL - making you sleep in your own puke since 1860 demotivational poster

demotivational poster ALCOHOL
Nagavigan  #18640 Created September 1, 2008



Porcelina - September 29, 2008, 7:15 pm
awwww It looks like a clean, more mainstream acceptable version of my ex. Kill it.
aPauling - September 2, 2008, 11:32 am
Alcohol has been doing that a lot longer.
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PICTOGRAPHY - Can eye goat my rooster in two ur cat? I don't get it. demotivational poster

demotivational poster PICTOGRAPHY
Lloyd  #18619 Created September 1, 2008



agdaniele - September 4, 2010, 6:32 pm
That's what the tags say.
thwolf - September 4, 2010, 6:30 pm
Actually, I pretty sure that's a goat, but funny none the less!
pharaoh15 - April 19, 2010, 5:12 am
sure he's being funny, but it's "Can I Ram My **** In Your p****."
LogicDude - September 3, 2009, 11:34 am
OMFG Aggy that was HI-lar-ious!!!
BoneCD - September 3, 2009, 5:12 am
Sounds like he wants a double date
BoneCD - September 3, 2009, 5:12 am
*go = good
BoneCD - September 3, 2009, 5:11 am
Go thing I have C3PO Haar...It says that He wants to see your goatse but his rooster likes your cat.
Haarakkon - September 3, 2009, 12:27 am
The translation is confusing. He wants to run over my p**** with a truck?
agdaniele - September 3, 2009, 12:13 am
Thanks, beelzebubvious!
satan - September 2, 2009, 11:58 pm
can i ram my **** in your p**** morons
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