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"I SMELL... BACON!!!" - 'Beggin' Strips'... Officer Davis realized too late that they had been a poor choice as a training reinforcement!

CRAFTSMANSHIP - This guy has it. So dude, how much to build a deck on my house?

FORBIDDEN LOVE - Food falls into that category

ALRIGHT - I got nothing

FRIENDS - Always there when you need them most!

ALONE - Sure there are other fish in the sea, but I'm a human. And I'm not into beastiality.

HORSES - They always win

"GET OFF MY NUTS" - Sometimes sharing just isn't in your best interests

STEVE WAS CONFUSED - But then he realized he was in the delivery room.

ELEPHANTS - They're working for Microsoft now

Pantyhose -

SURREAL - Like when you're in another city And Jeopardy comes on at 7:30 Instead of 7:00

CARJACKING - Go ahead... she triple dog dares ya!

BRITTANY GET IN THE CAR! - He's not going to turn into your DREAM-BOYFRIEND! Damn "NEW-MOON"

RASTAFARIAN CAT - 'Kitty' was muh slave name mon... I be 'Abdiel' now... Rastafa!

APARENTLY - Animals are more important

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WHATS UP!? - Sooooo, we do it or what ?!

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Scape goat -

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