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Demotivation -

JEALOUSY - It takes advantage of the best of us

BATBEAR - Na-Na-Na-Na Na-Na-Na-Na Na-Na-Na-Na Na-Na-Na-Na Batbear!

SCHRODINGER'S CAT - Must first fit into the box

PREDICTION - You'd think with all those weather ballons We'd be better at predicting the weather

BATTLE PLAN - You flank from the left... I'll grab the cookies.

CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT - Good boy curiosity........ Good boy!!!

CAUSE WHEN YOU'RE BATMAN - It doesn't matter "who's there".


NINJA SANTA - Bringing new meaning to the phrase "You better watch out."

THE MARINES - Saving kittens since 1775


ALLIGATOR WRESTLING - Only true men do this...

Catch 22 -

MARCHING BAND - Where all that practicing pays off.

THAT WORD - I do not think it means what you think it means

BATMAN - Lets see if he's got something on his belt for that

FATEFULNESS - We told you not to cheat on her. Did you listen? No. Is it to late to run? Yes.

DEVIL'S TRAP - Effective on more than just demons.

CATS - They're not man's best friend for a reason.

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