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BACON ROSES - I don't know about you but I think these are romantic and tasty all in one

BACON - God's way of telling us everything is going to be all right

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Rating: 4.85/5

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BACON ROSES - For those times when the Red one's just don't cut it.

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Rating: 3.63/5

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING - Turkey Bacon is good for the body. Bacon Turducken is good for the soul.

POINT OF VIEW - Guns or Butter

BACON BEER MUG - Official beverage of greybeards everywhere.

THE ULTIMATE WEAPON - Bacon and Sausage Tank Arteries are doomed.

BACON - Makes a damn fine sandwich

BACON BEER MUG - Proof That God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy


BACON TURTLES - Way cooler than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

HOW TO MAKE A B.L.T. - the Motifake way

JUST PLANT IT - More will grow. ;)

TAGS: bacon
Rating: 3.86/5

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BOUQUET - WOW! She Really Loves Me

BACON - Mmmmmmm bacon, it's meat candy...

BACON?! - You got bacon?..Did you say bacon?..I love bacon..Please tell me you said bacon.. Where's the bacon?..I love bacon..I love saying bacon..baconbaconbaconbacon baconbaconbacon...(pant pant)..bacon?

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CAFFINATED BACON LOLLIPOPS - There are no words to describe the epic level of awesome this is.

BACON - Makes it all better

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Rating: 4.67/5

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