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GAME OVER - The whole world will convert to Atheism within a month

LOSE A TOOTH? - Put It Under Your Pillow You May Get A Visit From The Bacon Fairy

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WAFFLE HOUSE - With bacon and sausage. Pass the syrup please.

BACON COLOGNE - The scent of gods and motifakers.

BACON WEAVE - The future of clothing Just got crispy

BACON - Worth going to hell for

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TURKEY - This Years Was the Best

HONORING - His last wish

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FINALLY - I'll drink this with my deep fried celery.

Bacon fight! -


Stupid Ideas -

AND ON THE EIGHTH DAY - The Lord created deep fried bacon And he saw that it was amsome. The Gospel of Pork, 1:12

BACON APPROVED - I am Bacon and I approve this message.

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REVOLUTIONARY - deep fried bacon...there is a god!

BRINGING HOME THE BACON - Fresh never frozen. She makes the best sammiches ever!

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NUTRITION - Let me introduce to you the Motifake Food Pyramid! Be sure to get your 30 servings today.

~ BACON PIE ~ - "You Are Doing It Wrong"!

THIS IS BACON - He doesn't wear sunscreen Because he's BACON