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MEMORY LOSS - Many Democrats conveniently had it when criticizing the Bush administration on Iraq. So who was it who "lied"?


ESTONIAN GALS - Yeah, sure... they all start out looking like the girls on the left, but after they turn 40 they morph into Babushkas.

FAT PEOPLE - They know how to really live... just not as long.

WELL... - Somebody was bored

HOWDY! - Just a little something to piss off the conservatives on Motifake. Enjoy.

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HITLER VS BUSH - ...it's really unfair* to compare them ... * to Hitler

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - If your mission was to be a complete douche, then yes, mission accomplished indeed.

PRESIDENT BUSH - An American hero that has protected this nation amid all the whining and bullsh*t of liberals

ARGUING WITH A BRICK WALL - Makes slightly more sense than arguing politics on/through motifake posters.

THE REPUBLICAN PLAN - A four phase plan for domination of the country

FOUND HIM! - ...wait, false alarm! It's Osama

ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS - They don't know that you are supposed to treat EVERY firearm like it's loaded at all times. She also has no proper trigger training. She like Schumer however, has a CCW. Old bat....................

OLD GLORY - Mr. President, you're holding it backwards.

Retard -

BARNEY FRANK LOGIC - * Have your boyfriend at Fannie Mae donate $40,000 in campaign contributions. * Ignore Fannie's bad mortgage loans; ignore all Republican concerns. * When it all collapses; blame Bush!!!

EPIC FAIL - Need I say more?

FISCAL CONSERVATISM - Out of Control Spending by Republicans That is then Blamed on Democrats

BUSH ADMINISTRATION - Yeah, it's pretty much just like this.