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ALUCARD WALKS INTO A TWILIGHT CONVENTION - "All I said was that vampires don't sparkle"



GENTLE PERSUASION - Always the best approach

SECOND-IN-COMMAND FACEPALM - When the boss doesn't realize how full of fail he really is

CARDASSIANS AND KARDASHIANS - Knowing the difference could save your life

THE OVERLORD DOUCHEBAG - Occasionally leaves the safety of his Impenetrable Cardboard Fortress.

DUELING FACEPALMS - When you're not the only one who realizes how dumb that truly was

WE ARE THE BORG - All your base are belong to us

POKER FACE - glasses don't always help.....

PICARD FACEPALM: - now available to answer stupid guestions on yahoo answers.


HEY AL... - I have a whole pocket full of Race Cards. How about you?

HALLMARK - Always there for us when we can't find those special words.

DADDY'S SURVIVAL CREDIT CARD - A perfect tool for the real men!

FOR EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE - there's mastercard

SHOPAHOLIC - He got it all online. Al he had to do was follow the link.

PRICELESS - 4 Idiots One Smart Guy Priceless He Covered his face and saved his ass

NO BRAINER - Kirk rules, Picard drools.

ALUCARD - so badass, he smokes bullets