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MEMORY - You can always tell a bad one....

DEEP THOUGHT - can be quite harmful. You might just probe a little too deep.

FLYING - Dude, Did you see our pilot before boarding? I'm sure he'll take us straight up.

HAPPILY MARRIED - "Honey, come here and have a look!" "What is it babe?" "Your child and my child are playing with our child!"

N00BS - All nice and enthusiastic additions to the family... Till they start flooding you with junk...

ANXIETY - Do not show it in public

CATCH 22 -

PRE-MOTIFAKE - this was called a demotivational poster

LONELINESS - I'm only cruel to others So I can believe I chose to make them leave

SOUVENIR - Why does it always have to be about love? Why do they expect more after one night? Why do they all leave a mark when I say "Thank You"?

PWNED - ...accept it. You may have Variety and Quality But life blocks you out with more of the same So you are always on square one...

PHOTOGRAPHY - Get your friend to master it. Next time you slip and fall, you'll become the hip-hop star you never dreamed of.

IT IS VERY SAD - For a man to make himself a servant to a single thing His manhood all taken out of him By the hydraulic pressure of excessive business

DEVIL - The voice in your head that starts speaking the moment you leave your girlfriend in a cottage with just one other guy.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Always around to care for you after you get burnt....


FAILURE - If at first you don't succeed Failure may be your style


LOVE YOUR ELDERS - Pays... once they die

SUCCESS - The surest way to success Is hard work, raw talent And big breasts