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DUDE YOU'RE RIGHT - Cats do land on their feet

BEST FRIENDS - Sometimes having a good friend is just as important as having a true love.

being happy -

RESPONSIBILITY - You made the mess, you clean it up


THIS IS WHY - Dogs bite people!

THE GRAND CHAW-HEE - It's his birthday.

DOGS - proving once again they are truly man's best friend

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LAWS - They exist because sometime, somewhere, some idiot found a brand new way to screw up

DOG WARS - "Vader puppy, very comical, your costume is. Me laugh, you make. Yeesssssss."

EBONY AND IVORY - Live Together in Perfect Harmony

CRIMINALS - Break the rules one stinking time and they never ever let you forget it

WORLD'S LARGETS DOG - or, world's largest Korean buffet?

CATS - Probably Not A Great First Line Of Defense

DOGS - Mans best friend Gods faithful servant And cats worst nightmare

DOGS - A dog is for life. Not just for christmas......As you will soon find out

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SIMPLICITY. - Because you can't do something natural without someone barking up your tree

TRADITIONAL ORIENTAL TURKEY - This thanksgiving wok your dog

21ST BIRTHDAY - awesome for you, mathematically improbable for dogs.