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I'LL GIVE YOU ANYTHING! - to fight back against the Empire

IT'S FRIDAY - I gotta get drunk and I sure do dread it....

CATS - Because sometimes they really help you

THE IRISH - An Irishman is never drunk, as long as he can hold on to a piece of grass and not fall off the face of the Earth.

SCOTTISH WOLF - It is pretty easy to spot when the wolf has been into the Scotch Whiskey again

ALCOHOL - It has to ability to preserve many things. Your dignity and virginity are not among them.

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ARCHITECTS - The college years

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ALCOHOL - Remember the first time you had a little too much to drink? Neither do I.


BLACKOUT DRUNK - Good morning sweetheart, I baked you a cupcake

"HOW HIGH ARE YOU ?" - "No, Officer... Its 'Hi, How Are You?'"

OCTOBERFEST - In Australia it goes under a different name, It’s called a calendar year.

IREISH YOGA - the only martial art that does not require a clear mind



PUBLIC DRUNKENESS - Even after a few drinks, you can keep yourself heathy with new age treatments

YOU'RE NOT DRUNK - Until you have to grab onto the grass to keep from falling off the earth.

MIDSOMMAR - Dagen Efter...

REALITY - This is why you weren't asked to be a Bridesmaid.