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IF YOU RECOGNIZE THESE - you just might have been a nerd!


JESUS SAVES! - Everyone else takes damage.

TARRASQUE - When you absolutely, positivitly have to kill every party member.

GELATINOUS CUBE - Because Hugging Big, Squishy Things Is Not Always A Good Idea...

Lawful Good -

DOES IT STACK? - success lies in asking the right question at the right time

BATMAN - Proof that the Dungeons and Dragons alignment system is a load of bullocks.

PLAYER CHARACTER DEATHS - "Dont cry, just roll up another...At level one."

GARY GYGAX - An this is what he does on his off time.

KOBOLDS - "They're JUST kobolds. What're you scared of?"

HELMET - This is the mid control helmet. Now give me all of your tuna!

BUFFER SPELLS - because it saves you a lot of hassle when your party can just take down Sauron in two rounds

TENSER'S TRANSFORMATION - because sometimes you just can't pass spell resistance

CHAOTIC EVIL - In the end, no matter what the alignment. The end result is still the same.

Rediculous Quests -