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SENIOR LIVING - Old football players don't HAVE to retire they can go to the Vikings where no one expects them to win anything.

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THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY - Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

CLEVELAND BROWNS - Raining shit since 1964

PLASTIC CHEESE TOP HATS - When a triangular plastic cheese hat just isn't classy enough for Monday Night.


TOM BRADY - They keep calling me a "PRETTY BOY".... Do YOU think I'm "PRETTY"?

BRADY-ING - Before Tebowing there was this...

BREAK DANCE - Sometimes really breaks

LUNCH MONEY - COUGH IT UP! C'mon cry-baby Cough it up! You gonna cry li'l girl CRY! CRY! CRY!

REALITY - Some people ignore it more than others

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ORANGE - The perfect color for a school. You can go to the game on Saturday, hunt on Sunday and pick up trash on the side of the freeway the rest of the week.

2009 CLEVELAND BROWNS - Yeah, it's that bad.

1ST AND 9.144 -

FERDINAND POCKET - So Thats Where Carlos Tevez Left His Key

FOOTBALL SEASON - It has never been more delicious!

227 AND COUNTING - You know your love life is bad when someone says to you 'The Colts backup QB gets more action than you do'

GOOD VS EVIL - Are you ready for some Star Wars? All my Wookie friends are comin' over toniiiiiight!!!

17/9/2011 - Marks the date of the inaugrual ineligibowl, to be played against Ohio State and Miami.

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