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BREAK DANCE - Sometimes really breaks

DINGLE BERRY - Not where you'd expect to find one.


GOOD CALL REF - Let's be honest, we didn't need instant replay to know that.

ALIENS IN FOOTBALL - and Kal-El from Krypton, yet again, makes ANOTHER touchdown!


J... E... T... S... - Just End The Stupidity!

Raider's 19 - 17 Cowboy's -

2009 CLEVELAND BROWNS - Yeah, it's that bad.

SCOTT NORWOOD - His political stance is wide right

PUBLIC ENEMY #1 - It sucks when everyone hates you

POPPED COLLAR - Bloody Cool On Europeans.

FOOTBALL NINJA - His foot will kick your balls.


1ST AND 9.144 -

WORLD CUP FINAL - The most awaited moment for freestyle wrestling lovers.

BROTHERS IN ARMS - Naw, we're not sore about that misunderstanding back in 1812. Hey! How about a game of football?

227 AND COUNTING - You know your love life is bad when someone says to you 'The Colts backup QB gets more action than you do'

JAMARCUS RUSSELL - To simply call him a 'bust' would be an insult to the likes of Ryan Leaf

AMERICA - We put more military power towards a football game than most countries put towards national defense