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I HATE BEING BI-POLAR - It's totally awesome !


MARRIAGE - It's like a deck of cards. In the beginning, all you need is two Hearts and a Diamond. By the end, you wish for a Club and a Spade.

RADIO OPERATORS - The deadliest thing on the battlefield is a pissed off marine with a radio!

I REALLY HATE IT - When they remake a great classic movie and totally screw it up !




LOL NAZI - Swastikas, they represent love, hate and lol!

BEFORE YOU - ask someone why they hate you, ask yourself why you even care.

RACIST REDNECK - That is what my liberal attack dogs will call you if you don't support EVERYTHING I do no matter how much it destroys the USA. RaceCard "What's in your wallet?"

MY HATERS - They can kiss my ass!

I LOVE COMPUTERS - Except when they freeze. And crash. And lose data. And get a virus. And not run programs. And lose internet connection... I hate computers.

FIRE TORNADOS - Is how you know that God hates you

DON"T HATE ME - because I'm beautiful...


LAST CHRISTMAS - I gave my mother-in-law a coffin. The next year I didn't give her anything. She asked why and I said "you didn't use last year's present."

CHEATING - Don't put yourself in a fake relationship when someone's been waiting to have a real one with you.


RECYCLING - Russians hate it