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SARAH - She buys her shoes from the Blacksmith.

NEEDS MORE HORSEPOWER? - Yeah, that's really funny. Never saw that one coming. Now why don't you make yourself useful and hoof it on over to the tool box and get me a socket wrench

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TMNT - 'cause "Teenage Mutant Ninja Horses" just didn't quite make the cut

HORSEPOWER - Because too much is never enough

DAVID BOWIE - now contagious to horses

HERE IS ROYCE GRACIE ON A HORSE - Your argument is invalid

FOUR HORSEMEN - The end is nigh.

HA HA HA - Look how stupid your face looks

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SO, A HORSE WALKS INTO A BAR - And the bartender says "Hey, weren't you in Lethal Weapon?"

HELLO THERE SIR - I couldn't help but notice you honking at me. Is there something you'd like to discuss?

SARAH JESSICA PARKER - She looks like a horse.

GENETIC ENGINEERING - Genetic Engineering Can Bring Society Many Good Things, Yet also, many scary things.



ALIMONY - Alimony is like buying hay for a dead horse.

YUGO - This is the only way you are going to get somewhere in one.


Sarah Jessica Parker -


HEADLESS HORSEMAN - hes not mental he just loves psychotic things