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JAPAN - gets shit done.

MOMONGA - Engineered by Japanese scientists within the secret Mt. Fuji labs and trained in the ways of the ninja

SO RIDDLE ME THIS . . . - . . .why are my computer help desk calls routed to India instead of Japan?


J-ROCKERS - Masters of Genderbending You just never know.

THE WORLD IS A FREAK SHOW - If being born in the U.S. gets you a front-row seat, being born in Japan gets you a backstage pass.

ANIME GIRLS - Owned by reality

SHOP SMART - shop Family Mart !

SIGN FROM A JAPANESE TOILET - Just what dose that guy think he's going to catch, carp?

IT WAS A CLOSE CALL - but after a lot of work, Kenji showed up at the prom. 'Miss Rubota' performed perfectly, and even refused to put out at the end of the night.

IN JAPAN - we all have our priorities

JAPAN - Making it real since 1952

JAPAN - Oh You So Crazy!

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IN JAPAN - It's not enough to be an atheist. You have to involve robots, too.

GLOWING SQUID - Brought to you by the Tohoku Japan tsunami ...


MANGA - Slowly convincing me that I don't really need to spend my vacation in Japan

COS PLAY - Lets keep it in Japan....

POCKY - More addictive that salsa-flavored crack!

GOD-JESUS - Because everyone knows God is a japanese robot

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