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SARAH - She buys her shoes from the Blacksmith.


GANGSTER TOMATO - They're tired of being on the God Damn Whopper...

have you ever been so angry -

SARAH JESSICA PARKER - She looks like a horse.

TRUE MAN WANTS TWO THINGS - DANGER AND PLAY For that reason they want WOMAN, as the most dangerous plaything.

WALKING AND CHEWING GUM - some people shouldn't try it

MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS - Helping young ladies reach the pinnacle of their careers. I think she peaked a little early.

DEEP THOUGHTS - can't be forced

White House Announces -

SIMPSON - I Never Apologize I'm Sorry, But That's Just The Way I Am ok....It Was Homer, Not Jessica.

I don't judge others -

THE SONG - “You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes ,but because they sing a song only you can hear.”

DINGO - No not her, it's what ate her baby. And by Dingo I mean coyote, and by baby I mean her dog.

WHAT'S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? - I mean, come on! It's almost as if you guys had never seen a naked yellow chick with blue hair before. Geez! Get a grip!

I'M STRONG AND INDEPENDENT - and live on my own. But deep inside, I am just a little girl who want someone's shoulder to cry on..

MOTIFAKE NUNS - Every now and then even a Motifake Nun has to let her hair down