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SESAME STREET THANKSGIVING - ELMO - - Where's Big Bird? He should be here now. COOKIE MONSTER - - Uhh, I dunno.

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THE INTERNET - It doesn't make people smarter. It just spreads stupidity faster.

MONTREAL CANADIANS - I don't care how good you are, everyone still hates you

SELF-ESTEEM - Don't think of yourself as an ugly person. Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey.


Cause -

OHIO STATE BUCKEYES - Their chicks even make Michigan girls look pretty.

KLINGON TURKEYS - Finally, A Thanksgiving Dinner that bites back!

MANCRUSH - When your goalie is this good... it's OK to have a mancrush.



CANADIANS - Won't let a little thing like death make them miss a game of Hockey.


Gamer's Keyboard -

WAKE UP! - It's a new day. Excitement awaits. Life is sweet. Unless your day sucks... In which case: CHEER UP! Tomorrow is a new day.

HOLY CRAP - This must absolutely be a sign of the end times ...

EVERY TIME - I find the key to success... Some idiot changes the lock

FUNKY CHICKEN - doesn't like to be called a jive turkey!

CANADIANS - We're usually nice people. Until Hockey comes on. Then if your not on out team, You best STFU.

THE IRISH DIET... - A six-pack for breakfast, a six-pack for lunch and a sensible whiskey for dinner.