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STRAY LEGO BRICK - You need only step upon one once, for the agony to stain your soul forever.

BREAKING NEWS - Lego Land is in turmoil this evening after what some experts are calling "The Zombie Apocalypse." Please stay tuned.

ELVISH - The only language in the world in which every word translates to "I'm a virgin".

LEGO FIREFLY - Hey, Gotta continue it somehow.

ENGINEERING - it's as easy as putting one brick on top of another

LEGO - When you absolutely, surely have too much time on your hands

LEGOS - Building the awesome one brick at a time

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Rating: 3.88/5

MMMM... - Plasticky

EMPIRE UNION MEETING - ...Jerry.."Here!"...Bill..."Here!".. Gustavo.."Here!"...Yolanda..."Here!".. Wow, This Is a Real Time Drain.

LEGO - Helping to defy the laws of physics

LEGOS - Meening of pain: 4 studs...4 oz... and blend in with your floors

TAGS: legos
Rating: 2.83/5

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LEGO FABULAND - Responsable for turning kids into furry fans

BROMANCE - Here's your girlfriend's necklace. I saved it for you.

LEGO CHURCH - More proof that some people have WAAAAAY too much free time!

LIFE LESSONS - In order to please others, we loose our hold on our life's purpose. ~Epictetus~

WHEN YOU SEE IT... - ...uh...oh nevermind


NO MATTER - how hard you try there is always that one missing piece

NOTHING SAFE - No matter how awful something was, somebody somewhere will eventually make a sick joke out of it.

LOOKS LIKE LEGO - Might just be severely pixelated