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Good Authors -

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Soft Kitty -

It's wonderful -

Road of Life -

They were rockin' -

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Just Think -

AND WE STOOD ON THAT SHORE - waves lapping at our feet and we watched our dreams slowly drawn out to sea

I LIKE BIG BOOKS - and I cannot lie...

And He Said... -

I CAN'T IMAGINE WHERE THIS ROAD LEADS MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU - Oh, how I wish that all could be, like it was before

WE ARE BORN ALONE - And we die alone the rest is ours to fill the gap

In Olden Days -

I'M SORRY - for the demon i've become you should be sorry for the angel you are not

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MISHEARD LYRICS - Because apparently a train in the 70's could get you from Australia to Vietnam


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So though I'm not a great romancer -

WE DONT HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF CHANGE - Not when its for the benefit of mankind Now is the time to change

I'm serious ... -