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WHERE WE'RE GOING - we don't need roads.


WAR OF THE WORLDS - The redneck cut.

CLARK GRISWALD - Kiss my a$$. Kiss his a$$. Kiss your a$$. Happy Hanukkah.

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FREDO, I LOVE YOU - Wanna go fishing?

PAIN - Pain, you know nothing about pain.

HAMBURGERS - The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. -Jules Winnfield

PERSISTANCE - Never knowing when to stop.

HOME MOVIES - They remind you of the times when life didn't suck.

How About a Magic Trick -

PREDATOR VS ALIEN - This time it's cerebral!

ORIGINALITY - It would appear Hollywood is severely lacking it.


3D -

ALL THE THERAPY IN THE WORLD - Isn't going to help Kevin forget the day he found out how his single mother could afford to pay for his Ivy League tuition.

KILLING IS HIS BUSINESS - But business hasn't been great. Please, take a moment to think about those really effected by the recession. Thank you.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON - Ruining movies since the 70's

North By Northwest -

Do You Remember -

Geoffrey Unsworth -