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Music Demotivational Poster


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More motifakes by concern3

daynet - November 22, 2013, 8:39 pm
Grab Honey Boo Boo and Chris Brown, too!
renpsu - October 10, 2013, 7:36 pm
Mark Chapman is a living god! Just t5hink of the way he blazed new frontiers in artistic criticism - sing a lousy song, you die. Write a lousy book or poem, you die. Paint a lousy picture, you die. Pericles' Athens would like nursery school.
Altrunchen - September 28, 2013, 12:54 pm
We need celebrity trading cards...
Brawler - March 22, 2013, 1:48 pm
John is worth 200 Gagas and atleast 5000 Biebers..
nicholsjoshua15 - March 20, 2013, 2:14 pm
Yeah but he does murder victims. So I could ask God about Kurt.
nicholsjoshua15 - March 20, 2013, 2:14 pm
Yeah but he does murder victims. So I could ask God about Kurt.
ipaprime - March 20, 2013, 10:53 am
he cant do kurt ya gots to talk to satan bout him. that suicide thing you know.
nicholsjoshua15 - March 19, 2013, 9:39 pm
If we give god every Pop Star, Rapper, and Emo Rocker will you give us Jim Morison, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, Layan Stanley, and Joe South?
zoomer296 - March 19, 2013, 7:37 pm
How about we send him the whole package plus Miley Cyrus and ask for him to return John Lennon AND Johnny Cash?
thecrotchetyoldcynic - March 10, 2013, 12:59 am
And Taylor Swift, and the Jonas Brothers and Sarah Brightman on general principles.
trek - March 9, 2013, 7:34 pm
If I believed in a god, I would so ask this of him/her
Silverheart - March 9, 2013, 3:59 pm

How about if we throw in Kesha, Diddy, Britney Spears, the Jersey Shore people and every Kardashian we can find? In fact, you can take them whether or not you return Lennon. 5Ls.

HEAVY METAL - Just because your music is awesome, doesn't mean you are.

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More motifakes by todd snyder

Mega48man - January 10, 2011, 8:36 pm
my god, i never knew there was a bad crowd in a genre i loved so much so long ago... blind gaurdian wrote some pretty sweet stuff to.
MrRandom - April 1, 2010, 10:12 am
Blind Guardian.... poser metal.... *eye twitch*
forseti - April 1, 2010, 9:43 am
Blind Guardian and Hammerfall... Epic Poser Metal... *puke*
booger13 - April 1, 2010, 9:35 am
and someone needs to put a anvil on that Hammer *shrug*
booger13 - April 1, 2010, 9:34 am
um can we get verification that the Ginger is a Female O_o ??

Today's Music -

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More motifakes by Iceman107

sodamall - September 8, 2015, 4:48 pm
how long will Justin baby and the like be remembered? 5yrs tops if lucky
sodamall - September 8, 2015, 4:43 pm
and you'll never know why we rock
Mooooooooooooooooooo - August 9, 2015, 8:27 pm
The clash and Run DMC.....RUN DMC?!?. 1L.
Mooooooooooooooooooo - August 9, 2015, 8:24 pm
Nirvana, the *** pistols, the kinks and the misfits....Classic Rock? In what universe?
nicholsjoshua15 - August 9, 2015, 5:43 pm
The top 40 music may suck nowadays, but is usualy always has, listen to the alternative, underground and foreign music you may be surprised.
EmilioDumphque - July 23, 2015, 2:33 am
Did you ever hear Wilson Pickett's Sugar Sugar?
GaryO - July 21, 2015, 8:40 pm
Good point, 'cause lots of today's stuff is sure to be number two
nicholsjoshua15 - July 21, 2015, 8:27 pm
There's still plenty of great new music, remember the same year Jimmy Hendrix released "The Watch Tower" The Archies "Sugar Sugar" and it was #1, The year Smashing Pumpkins Released "Disarm" Billy Ray "Achy Breaky Heart" was #1.
EmilioDumphque - July 20, 2015, 7:40 pm
Angry young man poetry to a drumbeat isn't music.
Silverheart - July 20, 2015, 6:37 pm

Suck-ass music exists in every era, classic and contemporary. Get off of the top 40 channels, you just might find some good, new music.


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More motifakes by caveman

NickelinDimer - August 5, 2016, 1:04 am
What do you call a girl that want to get with the bassist? Not yours, anymore... if he's Gene Simmons or Dusty Hill.
NickelinDimer - August 5, 2016, 1:00 am
If you're a girl during the 80's, and want to date... Steve Perry: Good-girl. Steve Tyler: Bad-girl. Joe Perry: s**t.
NickelinDimer - August 5, 2016, 12:58 am
To which I say: That's only a problem if the band don't rock!
CloudchaserS - December 11, 2011, 10:14 pm
I once saw a bumper sticker that said "You're just like the rest of the band. Always following the drummer!"
crankyhead - December 11, 2011, 9:00 pm
Q: What do you 5ay to a drummer who tells you he's got an idea for your band's next song? A: Your fired. =)

Song -

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More motifakes by JesusWept

JesusWept - December 17, 2014, 12:59 am
Thanks :)
Sho - December 15, 2014, 3:08 am
simply genius. 5/f
JesusWept - December 10, 2014, 9:29 pm
Thank you!
spacedog - December 10, 2014, 8:49 pm
This really is excellent.
JesusWept - November 24, 2014, 11:20 am
Thanks :)
Thedge - November 24, 2014, 10:59 am
Perfecto !, why can I not Say more? Chalk it up to brandy. 5L
ughomer - November 24, 2014, 9:03 am
That's What I Like About YOU...
mizzdizz - November 24, 2014, 2:54 am
a weemawop aweemawop----miss priss you're EVIL for getting that stuck in my head! I have been topped! In the jungle....LOL!
JesusWept - November 24, 2014, 1:46 am
MissPriss - November 24, 2014, 1:16 am
5Lions sleep tonight....
mizzdizz - November 23, 2014, 9:11 pm
Always on the lookout for new tunes to annoy people with! Of course, there's always the theme from The Smurfs....
JesusWept - November 23, 2014, 9:01 pm
Thanks for the fiver. I'll send you my used swabs ;)
mizzdizz - November 23, 2014, 8:49 pm
I have a TON of annoying songs. Hope you have several cases! The musician's blessing/curse--your life has a sound track whether you want it to, or not! LOL! That's 5 lions singing 'Its a Small World After All....'! Gotcha! LOL!
JesusWept - November 23, 2014, 7:28 pm
Thanks :)
JesusWept - November 23, 2014, 7:28 pm
No worries! I have lots of swabs ;)
Oldsod - November 23, 2014, 7:25 pm
mizzdizz - November 23, 2014, 6:24 pm
Only long enough to replace it with something else equally annoying! LOL!
JesusWept - November 23, 2014, 2:24 pm
Thanks :)
GaryO - November 23, 2014, 2:01 pm

RAP - It's what you get when you set Tourettes to music.

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More motifakes by steve1961

NickDahlmier - March 6, 2016, 6:44 pm
...At least in the "Gangsta" form of it.

BEING A DJ - because learning a real musical instrument is hard

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More motifakes by vilnius

NickDahlmier - March 6, 2016, 6:34 pm
Add a musical-keyboard to that, and you have vintage Moog synthesizer!
tomyironmane - July 26, 2013, 2:27 pm
What about the engineers who had to design 600 knobs, levers, b***ons, and switches and two overly complicated turntables to make some no-talent hack look good?
vilnius - July 9, 2012, 6:34 am
people who work at power plants or pilot tug boats probably have to learn ad lot knobs and stuff too.
fade - July 9, 2012, 3:57 am
Sure..... let's so you memorize the functions of over 600 knobs, levers, b***ons, and 2 overly complicated turntables


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More motifakes by Hawamleh

MonsterRaven3 - January 3, 2014, 9:51 pm
Well played sir.
Greeny - March 1, 2011, 8:08 pm
and posting things


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More motifakes by caveman

twill1962 - September 28, 2012, 8:34 pm
Don't forget Free Bird!
calvin5040 - November 21, 2011, 8:04 pm
What that you say??? you wan me to go to the other music store and buy my stuff there?

MUSIC - It provides us with strength when we are weak. When we are sad it gives us joy. It is truely the one friend that will never abandon us.

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More motifakes by caveman

Cloudchaser - June 2, 2011, 1:26 am
It's like a a doctor that makes you feel like you want to
rerun - June 1, 2011, 5:37 pm

Post to motitwist

VIOLIN BOW - Don't play guitar with it... Unless you are Jimmy Page

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More motifakes by LIPCoelho

... - October 31, 2008, 2:40 pm
And it f***s up the bow REALLY bad, those b****es are expensive... bows on electric bass sound horrid
small e - September 4, 2008, 9:14 pm
ever heard of sigur ros? the singer plays guitar with a bow all the time and sounds great live
Dustin Marthington - August 3, 2008, 12:26 am
trip enough balls, and it'll make you **** your pants. in a good way of course.
S8N - June 3, 2008, 8:44 pm
you probably shouldn't even if you are... you ever hear that live? not as cool as you'd think

1999 -

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More motifakes by Greybeard

concern3 - April 28, 2016, 9:50 am
Excellent poster, UP yours

VUVUZELA - The least creative of all musical instruments

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More motifakes by netheroth

Swampfox - November 3, 2012, 11:50 pm
The composer has no sense of timing...
EmilioDumphque - September 17, 2012, 1:28 am
Theoretically, they can play the same intervals as a bugle. That's four notes.


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More motifakes by gas

thecrotchetyoldcynic - May 27, 2012, 12:59 am
caveman - May 26, 2012, 10:12 pm
A good lol to start my day
Reality Lord - May 26, 2012, 9:48 pm

MissPriss - May 26, 2012, 12:35 pm
Dada...dada...da da da da da da...just when you thought it was safe to give 5L.
fan4camping - May 26, 2012, 10:43 am
Right? It's a very distinct sound. 5L

GUITARRISTS - It's all about the style

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More motifakes by LIPCoelho

wtfnesstastic - September 28, 2009, 11:03 pm
dont steal comics from explosm, you lame bastard
Jon - July 1, 2008, 4:10 pm

MUSIC PIRACY! - It's been going on long before computers!!!

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More motifakes by quothetheraven79

Krissie - August 29, 2010, 12:04 am
good one, friend :)



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More motifakes by concern3

nicholsjoshua15 - April 13, 2014, 7:28 am
Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight tonight.
Silverheart - March 12, 2013, 10:58 pm

Did you at least hold on to that feeling?
Krickit - March 11, 2013, 6:07 pm
That made me chuckle 5L

MUSIC IS LIKE CANDY - If you take away all the rappers, you are left with the good stuff.

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More motifakes by internetninjaII

internetninjaII - July 24, 2011, 4:25 pm
Don't worry Amren, we all hit rock bottom sometime in our lives... :P
Amren - July 24, 2011, 10:49 am
How I long for the day when rap goes away! Hey, I rapped...Crap!

IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS - You didn't get any in High School

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More motifakes by doubet

thecrotchetyoldcynic - August 23, 2013, 12:50 pm
thecrotchetyoldcynic - August 23, 2013, 12:32 pm
Actually I didn't. But I get tons of it now. The ladies like their music... married once, too :-D


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More motifakes by hwtmg

DarknessEmbraced - December 1, 2012, 2:31 am
Amen is RIGHT! Exactly how I feel about it too!
forseti - March 29, 2010, 3:42 am
yeodawg@hotmail.com - March 28, 2010, 1:00 pm
Not to mention they're all owned by pre-teen one hit wonders who never put in a hard days work.
Hasbunmb - March 28, 2010, 9:41 am

MUSIC BAR - So an E-flat, G-flat, and B-flat walk into a bar. The bartender says," sorry i do not serve minors". So they were taken home and most likely gott in treble

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More motifakes by PuLsE35

mariand - June 11, 2012, 6:53 pm
you surely have ear for music...lol
thecrotchetyoldcynic - June 10, 2012, 3:30 pm
That i5 excellent!
thecrotchetyoldcynic - June 10, 2012, 3:29 pm
That i5 excellent!
ughomer - June 10, 2012, 11:06 am
Pretty funny!!

MUSICIANS - One pissed off girlfriend away from Homeless

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More motifakes by gil

ZZ TOP - The physical embodyment of what is, and what will always be COOL

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More motifakes by caveman

twill1962 - January 5, 2013, 12:25 pm
It's odd that the only member WITHOUT a beard is named Beard! 5L!
rudeboy308 - June 8, 2011, 12:15 am
I saw them in Biloxi, MS a year or so ago. It was a working vacation, or as Billy Gibbons said, "We ran out of h** sauce in New York and had to come back down here." Ever since Eliminator, I've been a fan.
Cloudchaser - June 7, 2011, 1:20 am
They come runnin'! They yelp and they whine! 'Cuz women go crazy 'bout a fox-y man!
Feasibly - June 6, 2011, 6:55 pm
5 cool L's caveman.
Feasibly - June 6, 2011, 6:50 pm
A haw, haw, haw, haw! :)

OPERA - It's not just for people anymore.

TRUE. - True.

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More motifakes by JohnnyChicago

agdaniele - June 23, 2010, 8:30 pm
What? This is a motifake? Will someone call Woody03 in here to teach basic technique?

Mo' Better Blues -


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More motifakes by okami

Reality Lord - May 28, 2011, 2:27 pm

catchy tune....you should make a video. wait.....

CAN YOU HEAR IT? - The old Star Trek fight music? Dada da, da, da, da, da, da dada da dah, Dada da, da, da, da, da, da dada DA dah...

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More motifakes by Koradan

spacedog - October 26, 2014, 6:30 pm
I think I've found a bug. The forum b***on logs me out.
BrokenEye - July 1, 2010, 6:49 pm
**** dude, I don't even remember what the old Star Trek fight music WAS (and the text doesn't exactly convey audio well).
CANADA - October 20, 2009, 10:00 am
love this poster!
Eternal Lord Jackass - October 20, 2009, 8:52 am
Paul Gibson - October 2, 2009, 1:20 am
No he thinking of Star Trek fight theme where Kirk's shirt inevitably torn. Also Siberian Tigers pretty much just eat lions in the wild where their ranges overlap. And, they're not entirely speciated. Rarely hybrids are seen.
Junior - September 30, 2009, 7:43 pm
it's star wars, not star trek, idiot
LogicDude - September 26, 2009, 3:36 pm
This is epic and upon further inspection has been found to be full of win. 5 Tigers. *guess who I'm betting on?*
Bartimaeus - September 26, 2009, 3:22 pm
O, sure! Bet on the white guy! Racist...*places a bet on the lion*
Smokey - September 26, 2009, 3:18 pm
Taking Bets! My money is on the tiger.

FRED DURST - Shut Up (and leave Metal for real musicians)

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More motifakes by LIPCoelho

iPwn - December 24, 2008, 3:06 am
Fred Durst? I thought he died.
Fatty - July 16, 2008, 6:05 pm

Never Gonna Give You Up -

GUITAR HERO - Keeping nerds away from real guitars since 2005

ninjas with guitars -

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Galena - August 15, 2008, 10:47 pm
It should be Ninjas not Ninja's
CFH - July 4, 2008, 8:26 pm
OMFG i have the same guitar as the ninja in the left


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More motifakes by gas

gas - October 3, 2011, 7:46 am
ok, thanks :)
justme - October 3, 2011, 7:21 am
please submit this one to philosophywall to, its really good
ent1wine - October 3, 2011, 1:42 am
music is all, all is real, love is wanting to be loved


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More motifakes by caveman

Mooooooooooooooooooo - January 5, 2012, 11:29 pm
mariand - January 4, 2012, 7:51 am
hahaha... he's going to like this...just kiddin'


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More motifakes by agdaniele

5150monkeylove - November 1, 2010, 12:37 pm
Mad dog and T-bird, companion pets till the end
angelous - November 1, 2010, 9:14 am
Very deep sir. 5L.

THE CAKE - Not a lie.

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More motifakes by Regression&Division

nicholsjoshua15 - April 1, 2014, 1:13 am
I wish it had been a lie.
realogic - January 12, 2013, 5:22 pm
realogic - January 12, 2013, 5:22 pm
To make the answer finally know. They are a band called "Cake" from Sacramento, California. It's amazing how easy it was to look up >.>...
EmilioDumphque - September 12, 2012, 12:37 am
Did they get left out in the rain?
GreyScorpion - January 22, 2010, 7:15 pm
Help me, what is this, some sort of band Spam??

LED ZEPPELIN - Don't even attempt playing "Stairway to Heaven" unless you're the gods of Rock

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More motifakes by zoso100

nicholsjoshua15 - March 1, 2014, 1:24 pm
I never liked Led Zeppelin. Too many of their songs sounded the same.
rerun - July 29, 2010, 7:52 pm

If websense wasn't on my work I would give it a 2L, one from home & 1 from work.
BoneCD - July 28, 2010, 11:38 am
Sorry about that I meant Jimmy Page!
BoneCD - July 28, 2010, 11:37 am
Led got it's name from Keith Moon of the Who; Robert Plant asked him if he wanted to start a band together (RP was Joe ****er's lead guitarist at the time) and Keith said, "That will go over like a Lead Zeppelin..." They were both stoned at the time.
pzykosiz - July 28, 2010, 1:06 am
oh well. look's like 1L's all the way
agdaniele - July 28, 2010, 1:02 am
MY bad. I typed in the rejection reason, and hit approval instead.


real musicians -

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More motifakes by chickenlittle

chickenlittle - June 12, 2014, 10:01 pm
Yeah it's a pretty powerful ph**o. To add to LG's summary: his name was Diego, he was from a very poor and violent region of Brazil. His music teacher and mentor helped him escape that. Sadly, this boy died a year later from acute leukemia.
lgvernon - June 12, 2014, 12:26 pm

This child is weeping as he plays at the funeral of his music teacher.~True story.
GaryO - June 12, 2014, 8:25 am
Dang. This goes straight to the heart.

37 CENT - The recession has hit everyone.


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More motifakes by caveman

mariand - April 4, 2012, 4:54 am
very very true...lol

BB KING - Hitting one of THOSE notes

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More motifakes by TheSanityInspector

rerun - March 31, 2012, 9:26 pm

You have excellent taste in music.
lgvernon - March 30, 2012, 8:08 pm

BB and Clapton~~'Ridin' With the King'~~every last cut is sheer bliss.
GaryO - March 29, 2012, 11:01 pm
Sound pours from the depths of that man’s innermost being like the sweet honey it is. He get’s lost in it…we get to watch. What a gift….to us.
lgvernon - March 29, 2012, 10:45 pm

He;s the KING! He can make all the silly faces he wants!~~Love this~~


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More motifakes by LIPCoelho

LIPCoelho - September 1, 2009, 4:47 pm
Citadelchief Missing the point since May 13, 2009
citadelchief - May 13, 2009, 6:33 pm
FREDDIE MERCURY - because they spelled the name on the album for you ja****s!
citadelchief - May 13, 2009, 6:33 pm
FREDDIE MERCURY - because the spelled the name on the album for you ja****s!
Drenix - September 16, 2008, 12:12 pm
So... Amaterasu is saying that women made Freddy g**?
Pr0udw0l7 - September 5, 2008, 1:50 am
Fredd might not have been bi,but his name apparently was....spelled with either a "ie" or "y"....make your pick.
Amaterasu - August 14, 2008, 12:19 pm
Freddy wasn't bi.He dated woman before he decided to g**.Queen rocks!
lisa the mad - August 6, 2008, 11:11 pm
Well, he was bi, but still... Es verdad.
spanky - July 23, 2008, 1:13 pm
freddie was f***ing awesome...

DEADMAU5 - Failing has never been this awesome.

JOE PERRY - Angus Young's Bitch

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More motifakes by doubet

TBirdFirster - May 3, 2012, 6:16 pm
Man you know its true AC/DC blows Aerosmith out of the water; to put it mildly, Aerosmith has been Thunderstruck!
440wakeup - August 10, 2010, 10:51 pm
Why you got 2 hate

LIFE IS A DANCE - Filled with many intricate steps that no one will ever succeed in learning before the music ends.

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More motifakes by MissPriss

MissPriss - June 7, 2012, 1:29 am
Thanks cynic. Hope you don't mind the short version. Too tired to type the whole thing :)
thecrotchetyoldcynic - June 6, 2012, 4:09 am
I always said that anyone can break dance or mosh dancing, because everyone is too high and confused to correct any incorrect moves. And good job with the me***hor!

MUSIC - Life without music would Bb.

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More motifakes by wayne64

steve1961 - June 12, 2012, 1:35 am
I think it struck a chord for all of us;)
robbidos - June 9, 2012, 4:42 pm
5L for # minds and musical education
SecretAngel - June 8, 2012, 6:07 pm
lol so true
Bull - June 7, 2012, 12:52 pm
Yeah, I didn't get it until I read the comments. :)
lgvernon - June 7, 2012, 11:53 am

And my totally non-musical husband said, "What's big 'B', little 'b'? {sigh} Great poster!~
steve1961 - June 6, 2012, 8:18 pm
High C what you did there;)
vigilante - June 6, 2012, 8:07 pm
B flat. creative.


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More motifakes by forseti

Shogun - June 15, 2011, 11:13 am
FatherTyme - June 10, 2011, 8:01 pm
5 raised & lit Bic lighters

Please -

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More motifakes by PapaFox

WellThatSucked - April 23, 2013, 4:05 pm
Please, anything but Indie


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Rating: 4.8/5

More motifakes by caveman

sureok - June 25, 2012, 5:44 pm
Very nice!!!!

AUSTRALIAN CRAWL - Music makes us listen with our hearts, not our ears. Good thing for me becuse i couldn't understand a damn thing they said

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More motifakes by caveman

Verdeckt - June 10, 2011, 4:05 am
Anyone else remember the Mr Floppy "Breakfast" parody?
house - June 9, 2011, 8:04 pm
agreed. great childhood memories
pzykosiz - June 9, 2011, 6:54 pm
no arguement here. 5L's
Verdeckt - June 9, 2011, 6:28 am
James Reyne FTW!!


BECAUSE THE ONLY THING BETTER... - ... Than Daft punk, would be Electronic Bacon, or Digital Pork.


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Rating: 4.63/5

More motifakes by Hawamleh

Hawamleh - November 15, 2010, 9:29 pm
thank you
forseti - November 15, 2010, 6:59 pm
Hawamleh - November 13, 2010, 5:18 pm
I don't know thank you though.
MrDurden - November 13, 2010, 10:27 am
How do you keep coming up with awesome posters like this?
agdaniele - November 13, 2010, 12:09 am
That's the best way to create.
Hawamleh - November 13, 2010, 12:07 am
they just pop into my mind and i rush to the computer.. I had this thought while memorizing all the things that define citizenship.. d*** social studies exam..
agdaniele - November 13, 2010, 12:02 am
Thank YOU... for keepin' them coming strong.
Hawamleh - November 12, 2010, 11:54 pm
Thank you
agdaniele - November 12, 2010, 11:49 pm
Very nice.

TECHNO MUSIC - because learning a musical instrument is too hard

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More motifakes by vilnius

MrOdonnell - October 17, 2013, 2:47 am
It is true that music helps healing sorrow and brings happiness in life, so I have stated visiting mr o'donnell more often to get into touch with the latest music and movies.
robbidos - July 6, 2012, 2:02 am
well music is an opinion... and techno is not music regardless of the drugs taken or epileptic seizures
vilnius - July 5, 2012, 5:21 pm
yeah, techno "musicians" are just as talented as real musicians. Right
jedimonk - July 5, 2012, 8:49 am
Electronic music is far more complex then anyone who calls it "techno" can realize. i.e. certain sequences of repeated sounds and tones have been shown to induce neurochemical events. The ability to manipulate these events will eventually be theraputic
Densaku - July 4, 2012, 5:59 pm
TECHNO MUSIC HATERS: They don't know this genre is played with synthetizers, & yes their musical instruments.

ANGUS YOUNG - no one thought possible a man in a school uniform could rock that much

POP MUSIC - The faces change, the content remains the same.

REMEMBER LAST NIGHT - When your loud music and swearing kept the rest of the camp awake ?

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More motifakes by MustyK

MO - December 29, 2009, 12:44 am
Canada was here!!!

70'S ROCK PART I - Rock on!!!!

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More motifakes by Todd Snyder

north star - July 25, 2009, 12:43 pm
Great memories!
Derek - July 20, 2009, 10:46 pm
That's right, you have join the crowd and listen to crap. "Tell it like it is" - an expression from the 70's. ;-)
Call it like it is - July 20, 2009, 10:14 pm
just get out of jail? We are in the 20th now...come on! Join the crowd..fag

JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL - I would take that journey

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Rating: 2.6/5

More motifakes by MrRandom

martymcflysnr - February 13, 2011, 7:46 am
Yeah,that would be a short journey...to Jail!

OLD PEOPLE - Never underestimate them

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Rating: 2.27/5

More motifakes by jjll14

showmeone - January 30, 2011, 12:18 pm
...just feed'em & they leave you alone...

A TRIBUTE - You took away the stigma that playing the piano can’t be cool You took away the stigma that all gays are flami........ Well.....you did the piano thing


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Rating: 4.8/5

More motifakes by Airman

Airman - April 23, 2012, 2:27 pm
sounds like steam escaping
Greeny - April 23, 2012, 2:26 pm

MISHEARD LYRICS - Because apparently a train in the 70's could get you from Australia to Vietnam

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More motifakes by caveman

Coombsy007 - September 27, 2011, 8:42 am
Or Alex the seal as opposed to Our lips are sealed
440wakeup - July 12, 2011, 11:21 pm
caveman - June 30, 2011, 8:08 pm
As an australian i can say that i have
azile - June 30, 2011, 2:19 pm
In my defense Havw you ever tried to understand Jimmy Barnes or James Reyne'e lyrics?

BAD PUN - What is a math teachers favourite band Sum 41

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Rating: 4.5/5

More motifakes by caveman

caveman - August 3, 2011, 9:57 am
well maybe 4 days don't freti'm sure i can come up with a witty pun. just for you
Verdeckt - August 3, 2011, 8:43 am
Is someone a day ahead of themselves?

COUNTRY MUSIC - Every Once In A While I Like To Listen To A Little Willie

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More motifakes by rerun

Carnage - March 25, 2010, 7:58 pm
i lol'd

GEORGE CLINTON - If anyone's gonna get funk'd up, It's gonna be you.

PUNK HAPPENED - Guys, please... Note the tense.

FREEBIRD - No matter who's playing, always request Freebird.

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More motifakes by Motifake Wit Liberation F

Sean - October 25, 2008, 8:30 pm
Hate the song, love the poster.
Shtoink - August 11, 2008, 1:44 am
not a fan of most of your posters, but this and the kermit one rawk!

WITCH KOMBAT - There can be only one!

OASIS - Best. World. Rock. Band. Ever.

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Rating: 2.1/5

More motifakes by Erecrottod

E - April 30, 2009, 11:33 am
You pagans! God will punish you. :-D
Fatty - April 30, 2009, 11:20 am
HAHAHA - jake FTW!
jake - April 30, 2009, 9:52 am
Wrong. On. So. Many. Levels.

those moments -

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More motifakes by chickenlittle

MissPriss - June 30, 2014, 4:52 pm
It's so sad...but a hopeful 5L kinda sad.
chickenlittle - June 12, 2014, 9:43 pm
Thank you Gary and RL! I loved this ph**o.
GaryO - June 12, 2014, 8:23 am
Yeah, WOW...rather BOW WOW, 5 of 'em...and a WOOF
Reality Lord - June 12, 2014, 8:09 am

yep...this one gets a double wow :)
Reality Lord - June 12, 2014, 8:06 am

Reality Lord - June 12, 2014, 8:06 am



80's Flashback -

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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by beastmaster

beastmaster - August 11, 2014, 6:12 pm
LOL Another 80's fan! Like, totally awesome, dewd ;) Glad that I could get in your head today. Keep a-rockin' ...
Silverheart - July 21, 2014, 7:55 am

I got something to say Yeah, it's better to burn out Yeah, than fade away! Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head... 5Leppards


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Rating: 4.93/5

More motifakes by caveman

GaryO - October 10, 2012, 8:34 am
Bieber….dang……long road..with birdboy….double dang…..it’s good that ol’ dawgs go deaf. Note to self: caveman, must get him….them…one of ‘em…the one on the left….he’s the instigator….5L BTW, bastard(s)...and fav’d
mariand - October 10, 2012, 12:18 am
but...but...what happened with the conflict between generations?...lol
spacedog - October 9, 2012, 10:55 pm
LMAO! Awesome caveman.


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Rating: 4.91/5

More motifakes by caveman

caveman - January 22, 2013, 2:25 am
You'll bring the beer? you don't even have to ask if you're invited. And no Mariand although the rest of my family (aunts and uncles and such are huge tennis fans and go every year
GaryO - January 21, 2013, 8:56 pm
5 true darts, sir cave. Led is not dead.
mariand - January 21, 2013, 5:19 pm
hehehe... and I was about to ask if you went to see some matches at the Grand Slam Open...
Silverheart - January 21, 2013, 1:39 pm

5Ls, btw
Silverheart - January 21, 2013, 1:39 pm

Darts, Pizza, Led Zeppelin... and we're all invited, right? I'll even bring the beer.

IN TODAY’S YOUTH - The term ‘that’s my favourite song ever’. Ever- referring to the most recent memory the brain can remember

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Rating: 4.84/5

More motifakes by caveman

mariand - August 11, 2011, 2:36 pm
true 5tory




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More motifakes by caveman

mariand - January 20, 2012, 6:05 pm
OMG... you shouldn't say that name next to this picture!!!
maoworks2 - January 20, 2012, 4:10 pm
Where's Billy Idol When You Need Him !


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Rating: 4.17/5

More motifakes by okami

tellitlikeitis - April 15, 2011, 7:59 am
Funny one... Time can be so cruel. 5 l's.


WHAT GIVES ME THE BLUES? - An absence of Bacon and Babes

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Rating: 3.29/5

More motifakes by doubet


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Rating: 2.29/5

More motifakes by RONHUSTLEMAN

RONHUSTLEMAN - August 11, 2012, 7:08 pm
I'M SORRY,I did'nt read commentss and now realize my mistake.I will post political stuff on politifacts! MY BAC,...was'nt being a douche!

YANN TIERSEN - Proof that some songs are easier to listen to than pronounce

WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BITTY BABY - My mama would rock me in the cradle in them old cotton fields back home; It was down in Louisiana, just about a mile from Texarkana, In them old cotton fields back home. . .

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More motifakes by okami

okami - October 29, 2009, 4:55 pm
Wha? Ya dunno the old-time songs we'd sing back out on the farm, back when we's slingin' dem cotton balls in th' burlap bags?
Anonymous2 - October 29, 2009, 4:32 pm
Pic unrelated... I think.

Space & Time -

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More motifakes by EmilioDumphque

EmilioDumphque - March 29, 2016, 2:19 am
Only two are Greek. Plus one each of Spanish, Mexican, Serbian, Portuguese. Others, of course. Even Californio! (Thanks to the Charles Lummis recordings)
mizzdizz - March 27, 2016, 10:24 am
Lambada, tango, salsa, mariachi, marengue, banda, bolero, boogaloo, bossa nova, cha-cha, conga, contradanza, danza, mambo, brasileria, pachanga, rumba, samba, tejano, lundo, and of course, being originally classically trained on guitar, flaminco, etc.
mizzdizz - March 27, 2016, 10:06 am
Most of the types you listed are Greek, so no. My exposure to Greek music is limited. Being from California, some of my music is heavily influenced by the Latino culture that I'm surrounded with. You mention an obscure type of folk music from Mexico so---
EmilioDumphque - March 26, 2016, 9:06 pm
The only song I've written was a hisapiko.
EmilioDumphque - March 26, 2016, 9:05 pm
I play a few too: Fiddle, mandolin, tenor guitar, guitaron mostly. I once played trombone, but I couldn't claim that now. So, you write in "almost every style"? Huasteca? Bulareas? Hisapiko? Rebetiko? Fado? Kolos? Mazurkas?
mizzdizz - March 26, 2016, 11:43 am
Some solo work, but I prefer being a member of a group. Mostly, I play/sing for myself. Music is my obsession, my drug. I can't live without it. Yes, I write it too. Almost every style. There's always music in my head, even when I sleep. You asked! Idiot!
mizzdizz - March 26, 2016, 11:37 am
left out several. How did this happen? I was originally classically trained. I have a knack for learning new instruments very easily. I'm also proficient at all of them, not just a few scales or notes. I have several performances under my belt. ---
mizzdizz - March 26, 2016, 11:28 am
trumpet, trombone, penny whistle, native american flute, I'll be nice and say various percussion instruments, sing tenor, alto, soprano, contralto, dulcimer hammered/lap, autoharp, hambone, beatbox, spoons, jewsharp, and of course, kazoo! I know I've ---
mizzdizz - March 26, 2016, 11:21 am
E.D., you asked----flute/piccolo, violin/fiddle, soprano/alto/tenor/baritone sax, Bflat/bass clarinet, classical/electric/bass guitar, keyboards/synth/classical, vibes/marimba/glockenspiel, key-tar, english flute (recorder) soprano/alto/tenor, oboe, ---
lgvernon - March 26, 2016, 8:22 am

Keyboards, violin. Vocalist.
EmilioDumphque - March 25, 2016, 11:09 pm
Don't any of you bitter monkeys play an instrument?
lgvernon - March 25, 2016, 7:22 am

"Playin' all night, and the music's all right..."
Oldsod - March 24, 2016, 5:26 pm
Glad to see you back, Em. Vernie, now I have to listen to "Momma's Got A Squeeze Box" at high volume. Thank you both.
lgvernon - March 23, 2016, 4:01 pm

You know how to play an accordion? Throw it down the stairs.
EmilioDumphque - March 23, 2016, 1:23 pm
One of my best friends plays a "stomach steinway". About a dozen other friends too.
Silverheart - March 23, 2016, 6:31 am

Love this'n. And accordions are awesome, LG doesn't know what she's talking about!
concern3 - March 23, 2016, 1:50 am
Nice, UP yours
lgvernon - March 22, 2016, 5:48 pm

Accordions are how we decorate the landfill. ^^^^^Up


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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by concern3

Greeny - September 28, 2015, 7:39 pm
Funny - even with the twinkles


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Rating: 4.69/5

More motifakes by rerun

jameswnash - September 18, 2010, 8:48 pm
The weiner mobile parked in the wrong opening...anyway 5 franks!

THE SECOND AMENDMENT - Madonna should not be allowed to bare arms.

THE RESIDENTS - Unique and beautiful art since 1972.

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Rating: 1.8/5

More motifakes by Motifake Wit Liberation F

Doris Night - July 14, 2008, 3:38 am
I should add that I used the word art to refer to their music, not the actual image (which I even pilfered from another motifake titled Drake Shannon, which of course was the Orb's real name)
Doris Night - July 14, 2008, 3:36 am
Yeah, but it looked so much like the Residents' eyeball costume, so I threw some of their lyrics in. The title and caption are just for an homage to the Residents. No offense meant to the Orb or comics fans like you. :)
zed - July 14, 2008, 2:32 am
Hey, "Doris", that's The Orb, a frikkin villain from the Ghost Rider comics of the 70's, not a piece of art by the Residents.



the evolution of music -

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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by chickenlittle

JesusWept - October 20, 2013, 9:20 am
Common people would worship them and people in power would wanna burn them at the stake. Pretty much like today ;) Nice one, chick! 5!
CloudchaserS - October 20, 2013, 3:47 am
I wonder what someone from a thousand or so years ago would think of Motorhead


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Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by thecrotchetyoldcynic

thecrotchetyoldcynic - August 1, 2013, 8:18 pm
tomyironmane - August 1, 2013, 7:30 pm
Yeah, they're making the bank because their house is being rebuilt on uncle sam's dime, not like they'll bestir themselves and waddle to higher ground on their own volition either.
thecrotchetyoldcynic - August 1, 2013, 12:03 pm
Someone who is making a lot of bank on them; all I know it isn't us. >:/
tomyironmane - August 1, 2013, 1:06 am
Or "And this is tha fifth time tha flood done knocked mah house down, I'm just glad the insurance will pay to rebuild." Who is insuring that kinda idiot anyway?
thecrotchetyoldcynic - July 14, 2013, 11:59 am
Personally, I feel if the big one happens - hey, I got three words for my friends: beach front property. All the upkeep I do for my landlord will have paid off. They'll ask me, "Tony, how did you get this beautiful view for only $900 a month?" X-D
thecrotchetyoldcynic - July 14, 2013, 11:54 am
Hahaha! I know, right? Robin Williams once said that if you plan to live in a tornado prone area, buy styrofoam furniture. Then he referred to California as "God's Etch-a-Sketch."
CloudchaserS - July 14, 2013, 1:02 am
"I can't believe my house got blown away by a tornado again!" is something you'll never hear me say because I have the sense to not insist on living in a tornado prone area
lgvernon - July 13, 2013, 3:49 pm

5 big, windy 5ions!~

Carlin on Religion -

CHRISSY AMPHLETT - This was the first album my dad ever bought me And thus began my obsession with boo…… I mean music

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Rating: 4.92/5

More motifakes by caveman

nicholsjoshua15 - May 1, 2013, 11:09 am
My first album was R.E.M. : Automatic For The People. Thus began my love of great music and automatic pistols.
rudeboy308 - August 1, 2011, 5:46 pm
The "I Touch Myself" video is ***y without being trashy. The song is quite good. But honestly, I still watched it for her ta-tas.
Verdeckt - July 31, 2011, 10:15 am
Aye, it'5 a fine line


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Rating: 4.9/5

More motifakes by concern3


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Rating: 4.88/5

More motifakes by Greybeard

Greybeard - January 7, 2013, 9:28 pm
The foto fit so well with the lyrics. I had to go with it... Great song also.
maoworks2 - January 7, 2013, 2:56 pm
Love It .