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NERDS - Die as you've lived.

GIRLFRIEND - equation still in development

IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS - You didn't get any in High School

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REVENGE OF THE NERDS - It's going to end in a lightsaber gang bang.

NERDS - Who said nerds never get out...

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BREAKING NEWS - Gang of Virgins terrorize City Centre.

NERD CENTRAL - You have just found the home base with 4 of the founding members


TRON - Making nerds everywhere Wish they could be digitised by a laser Since 1982

TAGS: tron nerds
Rating: 3.3/5

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NERDS - Who needs Computers, or the internet. When you have these guys around

NERDS - It a nerd-eat-nerd world out there...

In Soviet Russia... -

TAGS: rpg nerds
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NERDZ - They are coming...


ARGUING ON THE INTERNET - It makes you one.

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NERDS - When will they realise that their fashion trends will never catch on ?


THIS NERD - His day had been awful. 1) He got a C- on the math test. 2) A koopa killed him in Super Mario

TAGS: nerds
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