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HEY LONDON - Thanks, Atlanta Izzy can now rest easy

BROOKE CRAIN - Pretty Girl, But Will She Stay Pretty If She Keeps Face Planting Like This?

CHICAGO LOSES BID FOR 2016 OLYMPICS - Barack+Michelle+Oprah-(millions of tax payer $$ for trip to Copenhagen) = YET ANOTHER EPIC OBAMA FAILURE :-)

DRUNKEN PRESIDENT - Sadly, it's not a new Jackie Chan Movie

I N C E N T I V E - Or feel the burn!

EPIC FAIL - When your super racing bicycle can be stopped by a can

THE OLYMPICS - This is why foreigners win them.

SLOW MOTION DEATH - NBC is THAT desperate for ratings.

ORC OLYMPICS - Middle-Earths Orc Olympics is hereby opened

YOU IDIOTS. - This is the real picture.

SMOKE RINGS - Here we see Olympic Smoke Ring sensation Yukio Takanawa with his winning tribute to Athletic Smoking

WTF - I'm really starting to like CHINA's chances for track and feild In the summer "OLYMPICS"

SPECIAL OLYMPICS - Warming Our Hearts As Hell Warms Our Bodies.

WTF - C'mon Dargeants!! Those "LOLLI-POPS!" were for the kids at the orphanage!!

OLYMPIC POLYANDRY - And China takes another gold!

KIM, YOU SUCK! - He had a hard time making friends when he was young

HOLD IT FOLKS, HOLD IT - WE HAVE A WORLDS RECORD THREE CUPS Dimitri Has Managed To Bring The Gold Home To Mother Russia

SPECIAL OLYMPICS - Where football recruits 95% of its players.

SPORTS BLOOPERS - No my dear...When you're wearing 32inch RAZOR sharp blades it's called MAYHEM or NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE.

BEATNIK ROBO MAO - and his Beijing Olympic Action Squad!