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FREE TIME - Too much, you have... A real job, you must find...

CAMOUFLAGE - Now your only concern will be cannibalistic bears... or the ones in heat.

UMBRELLAS - They only keep you dry when it's the rain that's falling.

THOMAS JEFFERSON - The first US President to tell Muslim Pirates to go suck a lemon, by ending millions in "tribute" being paid to them, and sending war ships to punish their treachery.

KITTENS - They called me and said they had found kittens. Ahhh... my girls, so innocent. Unfortunately, they are also so ignorant. But not for much longer.

PLASTIC SURGEONS - The Emperor should have got one that had a diploma from somewhere other than a trade school in Memphis.

PHYSICS - There are exceptions to some of those "laws."

YEAH... - You wish, buddy.

J... E... T... S... - Just End The Stupidity!

ANONYMOUS - Dude really said some profound stuff.

AMERICAN TRUCK DRIVERS - They don't know, or care how many feet are in a meter.

WILE E. COYOTE - Thinks this will end badly.

MISS FAT AND BEAUTIFUL PAGEANT - Someone forgot to tell the owners that fat and beautiful are mutually exclusive.

TADA! - Mind if I dance on your grave?

ENSURING YOUR SAFETY - Our number one concern is that YOU do YOUR job, Mom.

FAILURE - An act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful.

RUBBING IT IN - It's never a good idea, even when you are the PO-PO.

HEY BABY, - Waiting for the bu.....

FALSE ADVERTISING - A sticker will never be more effective than waving a Glock.

WHAT MORE - can you say? Everything is owned when religion gets slapped in the face.