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AW COME ON! - Can you GET any more cliche??

MMMM... - Bacon!

WHEN LIONS ATTACK - You better hope your affairs are all in order.

PORK - the other black meat

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No, officer... -

EULOGIES - Here Lies Porky Pig Yum, Bacon.... .........Too Soon?

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PORK - Formerly known as Porky Pig.

PORK BRAINS - Finally! Something that makes bacon as healthy on a salad as bean sprouts!

VEGAN LIFE - What?!? There's a fruit there...right next to the bacon wrapped pork!


JEK PORKINS - WILL stay on target

SPORKS - Hooks Are Just Way Too Dangerous For Terrorists

PHYDEAUX LOVES HIM SOME BBQ - When you add up the delicious taste with the fact that it attracts tomorrow night's dinner, you can see why

SWINE FLU - Your child has it.

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PORKY'S REVENGE - Long before the movie of the same name.

ANGRY BIRDS - Now imagine how the pork's feeling.

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Morning wood -

cannibalism -