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VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE - and leave funny comments-a group effort motifake

SIMPSONS DEATH NOTE - I'll take a Butterfinger... AND EAT IT!!!!!

DONUT WARS - Don't get between men and their donuts!

DENTAL PLAN! - Lisa needs braces...

CANT SLEEP - clown will eat me

WHO WILL BE - The ULTIMATE in "Animation Domination?" Only on Pay-Per-View!

Underdog -


MMMMMMM! - Sacrilicious!

GRIFFIN-SIMPSON 2012 - Yeah, it's gotten that bad.

MAX POWER - doesn't abbreviate

FRIENDS - You dont win friends with Salad

RALPH WIGGUM - Who knew he had such dynamic range?

THE TRUE AND ONLY DUFFMAN - He's here to save people with Duff beer.

UH... - Wut?

FUTURAMA - Where Simpsons jokes go to die


SIMPSONS DO ANIME - Just when you thought Totoro couldn't get any cuter...

Tact -

WOO-HOO!!! - Contract dispute solved, The Simpsons are on for another two seasons!!!