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FAT PEOPLE - They know how to really live... just not as long.

JEALOUSY - It takes advantage of the best of us

CLOSE AIR SUPPORT - When Army strong isn't quite strong enough

CLEVELAND BROWNS - Raining shit since 1964


SUPERHERO - Because the real Superhero is the one who saved us.

BATMAN - Lets see if he's got something on his belt for that

ALRIGHT MEOW - Hand over your licenses and registration

DEVIL'S TRAP - Effective on more than just demons.

BAD DAYS - Even Superman has them

MAURY CHRISTMAS - Joseph...when it comes to the newborn baby Jesus... you are NOT the Father!

Superbowl -

SUPER MARIO DEALER - I always knew those brothers were up to no good

GERMANS - Not everything they do makes sense!

INCEST - On planet Krypton it's OK

CAPTAIN OBVIOUS - To the rescue?

TOXIC WASTE - it doesn't give you superpowers

Peep Jousting -

WRONG!!!!! - A guy who has bullets bouncing off his eyeballs doesn't need a shield!

CROSSOVERS - "I'm stronger!" "No, I'm stronger!