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JEALOUSY - It takes advantage of the best of us

DAMN FAERIES - Stop buzzing around me and kill some enemies for once!

MAURY CHRISTMAS - Joseph...when it comes to the newborn baby Jesus... you are NOT the Father!

CLOSE AIR SUPPORT - When Army strong isn't quite strong enough

CLEVELAND BROWNS - Raining shit since 1964

SUPERGIRL - Admit it. You'd burn down your own house Just to see those golden locks fly in and save you

SUPERMAN - Hasn't inspired anyone since 1993

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SOCIAL NETWORKING - The risks are more manifold than you would expect. Not only being Spied on the whole time, your laboriously built up identity Could be crushed so rapidly.


SHENANIGANS - Ours are cheeky and fun.

SUPERHERO - Because the real Superhero is the one who saved us.

BATMAN - Lets see if he's got something on his belt for that

ALRIGHT MEOW - Hand over your licenses and registration

DEVIL'S TRAP - Effective on more than just demons.

BAD DAYS - Even Superman has them

FAT PEOPLE - They know how to really live... just not as long.

NARCISSISM - Who does Superman think he is?

JEWVERINE - Well, maybe the Palistinians will laugh themeselves to death.

BLACK CATS - Your preposterous human superstitions are quite illogical.

OH SHIT - i dropped my wallet