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GO ON WITHOUT ME - But leave...(cough)...the cookies...

D - 6 A HIT! -

Kiddie Creativity -

INTERVENTION - If you know of, or are, one of these people please get a life or switch to twitter.

BATTLE SHOTS - Taking drinking games to a whole new level

EPIC FAILURE - I hope you lost a bet. And even then, YOU DON'T BET INK!

ADHD - I do NOT have ADHD. I have ADOLAS. Attention Deficit - Oh, Look A Squirrel!

IRISH YOGA - It's always good to stretch before a good workout.

HI - I don't want a job.... Ever.

ATTITUDE - It's all a question of perspective...

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ONE MAN CAN'T CHANGE THE WORLD - That's why I use a spotter.

JOHNNY CASH HOLDING A KITTEN. - Behold the only man who can be a bad ass, christian, country, rock star, kitten lover!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS - May you and yours be touched by his noodly appendage this season

FRIENDS - Who needs them when you have a picture of Boba Fett fighting Deadpool


WHAT MATTERS MOST - Is how you see yourself.

KITTENS - They wear the skins of their victims!

STUPID TATTOOS - We all know someone who would.

SCARIFICATION TATTOOS - because "Traditional" Ink tattoos have become too mainstream

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