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DECEPTION - I am so totally doing this on Halloween

AWESOME - No matter what you do, you will never be as awesome as Bat-Vader

UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS FA-18 FIGHTER - Awesome has a new flavor.

WHO'S AWESOME? - You're awesome!!

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EPIC FAIL - Not for the weak of forehead

HONOR IN DYING - An Ultimate Demise Having Clint Eastwood shoot you while Morgan Freeman narrates.

~ QUESTION ~ - “Why is Monday so far away from Friday but Friday is so close to Monday?”

Kiddie Creativity -

HEAVY METAL - Just because your music is awesome, doesn't mean you are.

WELL WISHERS - Sometimes are just a little too optimistic.

I HATE BEING BI-POLAR - It's totally awesome !

HUG? - Said the bunny to the oncoming lawnmower...


HOLD DOWN F11 - I'm going to hell for this. I just know it.


EVENING COMMUTE - No, This is not going to end well....

CHRISTIANITY - Peace Love Acceptance


WHO'S AWESOME - You Are, Champ You Are

TOTALLY SCREWED - which is worse, dealing with the monster spider or not wiping your crappy butt ?