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THE MENAGRIE - demotivational poster

TAGS: ufo alien conquerers pets

demotivational poster THE MENAGRIE
Reality Lord  #138625 Created July 20, 2011



Reality Lord - July 21, 2011, 8:33 pm

funny thing is if you follow european news they dropped the "deny deny deny" aspect put out by the CIA. belgium, and france both have contingency plans in place. over a dozen countries have "disclosed"...other wait for approval...from America. hmmmm
crankyhead - July 21, 2011, 7:09 pm
two words.... interstellar h**dogs.
Reality Lord - July 21, 2011, 5:27 pm

hmmm...i wonder if we'd be interested in a hive of bee's culture, or enslaving ants to work for us. you're prob right.
Cloudchaser - July 21, 2011, 10:23 am
They would be interested in our arts as that's a major part of what defines a culture
BoneCD - July 21, 2011, 4:09 am
me like the new Avatar ICEMAN
Vampyro - July 21, 2011, 2:11 am
Humans make very good slave labor..... We all should know that. Different races and countries have been using other races and countries as slaves for years.
Reality Lord - July 20, 2011, 10:35 pm

they're not doing that to me. not till i get comfy anyways ;)
ICEMAN - July 20, 2011, 9:51 pm
They come for the a*** probing. Open wide & say 'ahhhh'.
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JOB SKILLS - demotivational poster

TAGS: unempleed out sourcing no job skills

demotivational poster JOB SKILLS
Reality Lord  #138624 Created July 20, 2011



Reality Lord - July 26, 2011, 5:14 pm

lol....i know.
c0okydough - July 26, 2011, 9:19 am
5 pairs of epic shoes (: but seriously, I gotta have these...
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THE LAST SHUTTLE MISSION - demotivational poster

TAGS: atlantis finale

demotivational poster THE LAST SHUTTLE MISSION
Airman  #138623 Created July 20, 2011



ICEMAN - July 22, 2011, 5:59 pm
Some folks just don't need costumes.
Sean - July 22, 2011, 2:54 pm
Dammit. Don't psychoa***ize me on the internets. That's what PM's 'r for. Sheesh. And by the way, try as I might, I have never made a very convincing spider monkey. *sigh*
Airman - July 22, 2011, 11:05 am
Not sure about the baboons. Nor were there any howler monkeys. I think the scientists were chimps. the baboon question needs to be resolved
Airman - July 22, 2011, 11:03 am
interesting that you chose the gorilla.. I watched the remake with MarkyMark, and there is a definite pecking order. The Orangutans wore the white robes and were the politicians.. the Gorillas were the Generals of the Army. The chimps were everywhere
Sean - July 21, 2011, 4:07 pm
Oh shoot. That woulda been hilarious.
Airman - July 21, 2011, 3:47 pm
the window closed at 6am eastern time this morning..
Sean - July 21, 2011, 3:03 pm
Now to figure out how to turn a rabbit suit into a gorilla costume .... (As if I am not too late. They're back already, aren't they?)
Sean - July 21, 2011, 3:01 pm
This is great. Thanks for sharing, Airdude! I love it.
Airman - July 21, 2011, 11:58 am
thx for the comments. I actually heard a DJ on the radio suggest this while I was driving in to work yesterday. Laughed all the way in
Greeny - July 20, 2011, 8:20 pm
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APOCALYPSE - The Four Horsemen are here Everyone put your head between your legs And kiss your a** goodbye demotivational poster

TAGS: apocalypse

demotivational poster APOCALYPSE
Anima  #138621 Created July 20, 2011



Rick69 - January 23, 2012, 3:35 pm
Besides... John & Edward (top left twins) are 2 people: 1 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 5, I believe... BUT STILL, I agree with you on the Apocalypse thing...
TheOne - July 20, 2011, 7:00 pm
Rebecca Blacks Debut Album Is said to be releases on Decembber 21 2012, wich (in case you didnt know) is the date the world is supposed to end.
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Reality Lord



MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! - demotivational poster

TAGS: coke pepsi transformers optimus megatron

demotivational poster MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!
HypercatZed  #138620 Created July 20, 2011



Amren - July 21, 2011, 11:49 am
Amren - July 21, 2011, 11:48 am
Am I a hypocrit because I invest in Coke, but drink Pepsi?
Ascetic - July 20, 2011, 10:54 pm
spacedog - July 20, 2011, 5:59 pm
LOL! Nice one Hypercat.
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